Shark IQ: Test Your Wireshark Knowledge

These 10 questions will reveal your inner shark, or leave you for bait.

#1 Which of the following is NOT an HTTP response code category?

#2 Wireshark can capture on multiple NICs simultaneously.

#3 What is the correct syntax in Wireshark to filter all TCP packets for the word “chicken”?

#4 Wireshark detects TCP Retransmissions using which of the following methods:

#5 Slow start was implemented to optimize TCP performance as it relates to:

#6 In IPv6, what is the corresponding field to TTL in IPv4?

#7 What is the Wireshark default color coding for packets with TCP errors?

#8 DDoS attacks and HTTP Flood are characterized by a SYN flood?

#9 Excessive jitter and packet loss does not impact VoIP call quality.

#10 Wireshark capture performance is inversely proportional to packet size.